Sunday, 27 December 2015

Advent: Sunday Gospels and Matins Readings: Masterpost

As regular readers will have noticed, I've started putting together a complete list of Matins readings for the Benedictine Office (which include the Sunday Gospels for the Mass) each week.  I'll continue to do that until the list is complete, but I thought it might be helpful to try and consolidate the listings by season for future reference.


Where they are available online, I'm providing the texts specified or a link thereto, based on the Monastic Breviary of 1962-63.  The English for most feasts is available in hardcopy in Liturgical Readings.  The Lessons of the Temporale Cycle and Principal Feasts of the Sanctoral  Cycle according to the Monastic Breviary, Grail Publicatins, 1941 (Reprint available).

Useful online sources for the English (and sometimes Latin) sources of the readings are:
New Advent (Bible and Fathers)
Divinum Officium (you may have to check the different version of Matins on offer there; in addition the readings are divided in accordance with the Roman Office, not the Benedictine)
Divine Light Blog

Readings for the traditional Benedictine Office, for the season are set out below.  Note that Sundays and other feasts will displace the readings set for the days some cases, so you will need to check against an Ordo).

Advent 1

First Sunday of Advent (Gospel and Nocturn III readings)
Week 1 Matins readings list (Isaiah 1-7)

Advent 2

Second Sunday of Advent (Matins Readings+ Gospel)
Week 2 Matins readings list (Isaiah 11-25)

Advent 3

Third Sunday of Advent (Matins readings+Gospel)
Week 3 Matins readings list (Isaiah 28-33; St Luke)

Advent 4

Fourth Sunday of Advent (Matins readings and Gospel)
Readings for fourth week of Advent &Christmas

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