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Matins readings for the second week after the Nativity

The Benedictine Patristic readings at Matins differ from the Roman this Sunday, and are unfortunately not available online as far as I can find.  Accordingly, I won't make a separate post for the Sunday, I'll just list what they are for reference purposes.

**I should note though, that readings set for the Roman Office this Sunday (both homilies by St Bernard) are those that were used in the Benedictine Office up until the 1962-3 revision of the breviary, and can be found online over at Divinum Officium.

Matins readings

Sunday 3 January - Second Sunday after the Nativity

Nocturn I (Romans readings for the date, split into four): Romans 6:1-18

Nocturn II: Sermon of St Augustine (Inter serm. suppos. Aug in Append 128 in Nat Dom 12)
Nocturn III: Sermon of St Jerome on Matthew 1, 2
GospelSt Matthew 2:19-23

Monday 4 January

Romans 7:1-3; 4-6; 7-9

Tuesday 5 January

Romans 8:1-4; 5-9; 9-11

Wednesday 6 January - Feast of the Epiphany (see separate post)

Nocturn I

Reading 1:Isaiah 55:1-4 

Reading 2: Isaiah 60:1-3;
Reading 3: Isaiah 60: 4-6
Reading 4: Isaiah 61:10-11; 62:1

Nocturn II: Sermon 32 of St Leo

Nocturn III: Homily 10 of St Gregory 
Gospel: St Matthew 2:1-12

Notes on St Matthew 2:1-12 (Gospel for the feast of the Epiphany) (Jan 6)

Thursday 7 January

Romans 9:1-5; 6-10; 11-16

Friday 8 January

Romans 12:1-3;4-8;9-16

Saturday 9 January

Romans 13:1-4; 4-7; 8-10.

Lectio on St Matthew

And for those wanting to do some lectio based on a systematic reading of the Gospel of St Matthew, here are links to a week's worth of notes:

St Matthew chapter 1

1:18-25 (Vigil of Christmas: 18-21)

St Matthew chapter 2

2:1-12 (Epiphany; Christmas Day post-communion)


2:13-23 (Holy Innocents: 2:13-18; Second Sunday after the Nativity: 2:19-23)

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