Thursday, 24 March 2016

Good Friday

The First Nocturn readings of Tenebrae for Good Friday are from Lamentations Chapters 2&3.

Reading 1 (Lamentations 2: 8-11)

Heth. Cogitavit Dominus dissipare murum filiæ Sion; tetendit funiculum suum, et non avertit manum suam a perditione: luxitque antemurale, et murus pariter dissipatus est.Teth. Defixæ sunt in terra portæ ejus, perdidit et contrivit vectes ejus; regem ejus et principes ejus in gentibus: non est lex, et prophetæ ejus non invenerunt visionem a Domino.Jod. Sederunt in terra, conticuerunt senes filiæ Sion; consperserunt cinere capita sua, accincti sunt ciliciis: abjecerunt in terram capita sua virgines Jerusalem.Caph. Defecerunt præ lacrimis oculi mei, conturbata sunt viscera mea; effusum est in terra jecur meum super contritione filiæ populi mei, cum deficeret parvulus et lactens in plateis oppidi.

[8] Heth. The Lord hath purposed to destroy the wall of the daughter of Sion: he hath stretched out his line, and hath not withdrawn his hand from destroying: and the bulwark hath mourned, and the wall hath been destroyed together. [9] Teth. Her gates are sunk into the ground: he hath destroyed, and broken her bars: her king and her princes are among the Gentiles: the law is no more, and her prophets have found no vision from the Lord. [10] Jod. The ancients of the daughter of Sion sit upon the ground, they have held their peace: they have sprinkled their heads with dust, they are girded with haircloth, the virgins of Jerusalem hang down their heads to the ground. [11] Caph. My eyes have failed with weeping, my bowels are troubled: my liver is poured out upon the earth, for the destruction of the daughter of my people, when the children, and the sucklings, fainted away in the streets of the city.

Reading 2 (2:12-15)

Lamed. Matribus suis dixerunt: Ubi est triticum et vinum? cum deficerent quasi vulnerati
in plateis civitatis, cum exhalarent animas suas in sinu matrum suarum.Mem. Cui comparabo te, vel cui assimilabo te, filia Jerusalem? cui exæquabo te, et consolabor te, virgo, filia Sion?magna est enim velut mare contritio tua: quis medebitur tui?Nun. Prophetæ tui viderunt tibi falsa et stulta; nec aperiebant iniquitatem tuam, ut te ad pœnitentiam provocarent; viderunt autem tibi assumptiones falsas, et ejectiones.Samech. Plauserunt super te manibus omnes transeuntes per viam; sibilaverunt et moverunt caput suum super filiam Jerusalem: Hæccine est urbs, dicentes, perfecti decoris, gaudium universæ terræ?

[12] Lamed. They said to their mothers: Where is corn and wine? when they fainted away as the wounded in the streets of the city: when they breathed out their souls in the bosoms of their mothers. [13] Mem. To what shall I compare thee? or to what shall I liken thee, O daughter of Jerusalem? to what shall I equal thee, that I may comfort thee, O virgin daughter of Sion? for great as the sea is thy destruction: who shall heal thee? [14] Nun. Thy prophets have seen false and foolish things for thee: and they have not laid open thy iniquity, to excite thee to penance: but they have seen for thee false revelations and banishments. [15] Samech. All they that passed by the way have clapped their hands at thee: they have hissed, and wagged their heads at the daughter of Jerusalem, saying: Is this the city of perfect beauty, the joy of all the earth?

Reading 3 (3:1-9)

Aleph. Ego vir videns paupertatem meam in virga indignationis ejus.Aleph. Me minavit, et adduxit in tenebras, et non in lucem.Aleph. Tantum in me vertit et convertit manum suam tota die.Beth. Vetustam fecit pellem meam et carnem meam; contrivit ossa mea.Beth. Ædificavit in gyro meo, et circumdedit me felle et labore.Beth. In tenebrosis collocavit me, quasi mortuos sempiternos.Ghimel. Circumædificavit adversum me, ut non egrediar; aggravavit compedem meum.Ghimel. Sed et cum clamavero, et rogavero, exclusit orationem meam.Ghimel. Conclusit vias meas lapidibus quadris; semitas meas subvertit.

1] Aleph. I am the man that see my poverty by the rod of his indignation. [2] Aleph. He hath led me, and brought me into darkness, and not into light. [3] Aleph. Only against me he hath turned, and turned again his hand all the day. [4] Beth. My skin and my flesh he hath made old, he hath broken my bones. [5] Beth. He hath built round about me, and he hath compassed me with gall and labour. [6] Beth. He hath set me in dark places as those that are dead for ever. [7] Ghimel. He hath built against me round about, that I may not get out: he hath made my fetters heavy. [8] Ghimel. Yea, and when I cry, and entreat, he hath shut out my prayer. [9] Ghimel. He hath shut up my ways with square stones, he hath turned my paths upside down.

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