Friday, 30 June 2017

Saturday 1 of July of Our Lady

The one reading is set out below.

Ex Epistola sancti Ambrosii Episcopi ad Siricium Papam - Non excedit fidem, quod homo exívit de vírgine, quando petra fontem prófluum scaturívit, ferrum super aquas natávit, ambulávit homo super aquas. Ergo si hóminem unda portávit, non potuit hóminem virgo generare, atque hóminem, de quo légimus: Et mittet illis Dóminus hóminem, qui salvos fáciet eos et notus erit Dóminus Ægyptiis? In veteri itaque Testaménto virgo Hebræórum per mare duxit exercitum: in novo Testaménto Virgo, generis aula cæléstis, electa est ad salútem.
From the letter of Blessed Ambrose, Bishop to Pope Siricius - That a man was born from a virgin is not beyond belief, since a fountain of water gushed from a rock, and iron floated on water, and a man walked on the sea. Therefore if the waves bore a man, cannot a virgin give birth to a man, and to that man of whom we read. The Lord shall send them a Saviour, a man, and he shall deliver them, and the Lord shall be known to Egypt? In the Old Testament, a virgin led the Hebrew hosts through the Red Sea: in the New Testament, a Virgin was chosen as the palace of the heavenly Birth, to bring us salvation.

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