Office of Our Lady on Saturday - First Saturday of June

The reading and responsory for the first Saturday of June for the Office of Our Lady is set out below.

Sermo sancti Bernardi Abbatis -

Vehementer quidem nobis, dilectíssimi, vir unus et mulier una nocuére; sed, grátias Deo, per unum nihilóminus virum et mulíerum unam ómnia restaurántur, nec sine magno fænore gratiárum. Neque enim sicut delíctum, ita et donum; sed excedit damni æstimatiónem beneficii magnitudo. Sic nimirum prudentíssimus et clementíssimus artifex, quod quassátum fúerat, non confrégit, sed utílius omnino refécit, ut videlicet nobis novum formaret Adam ex veteri, Hevam transfúnderet in Mariam.
Sermon of St. Bernard, Abbot

It was indeed a serious injury that one man and one woman inflected on us, dearly beloved; but thanks to God, it was also by one Man and one woman that all things were restored, and with a great increase of grace too. For "not like the offense is gift", on the contrary the benefits received are greater than the loss sustained. Yes, that was how the Maker supreme in good judgment and in kindness plied His craft: what had been bruised, He did not break. Rather, He remade it completely in such a way as to be in more advantage to us: out of the old Adam He made a new Man; Eve He transformed into Mary.

R. Felix namque es, sacra Virgo Maria, et omni laude dignissima: * Quia ex te ortus est sol justitiae, * Christus Deus noster.
V. Ora pro populo, interveni pro clero, intercede pro devoto femineo sexu: sentiant omnes tuum juvamen, quicumque celebrant tuam sanctam commemorationem.
R. Quia ex te ortus est sol justitiae.
V. Gloria Patri
R. Christus Deus noster.
R. O holy Virgin Mary, happy indeed art thou, and right worthy of all praise * For out of thee rose the Sun of righteousness, even Christ our God.
V. Pray for the people, plead for the clergy, make intercession for all women vowed to God. Let all that are making this holy memorial of thee feel the might of thine assistance.
R. For out of thee rose the Sun of righteousness
V. Glory be...
R. Even Christ our God.

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