The Gospel of St Mark

I'm planning to resume providing prompts for lectio divina this week, with a look at the Gospel of St Mark.

St Mark is actually my favourite of the Gospels, since it seems to provide the perspective of St Peter, and gives a strong picture of what it was like to be a disciple.  It also has the virtue of being the shortest of the Gospels, making it easier to memorize!


There are, unfortunately few major patristic commentaries on St Mark available online, and so I thought this might be a good opportunity to dip into the highly thought of seventeenth century commentary of Cornelius de Lapide as the primary aid for reading this Gospel.

Useful resources

For further reference, I've listed below some useful resources on St Mark available online.


New Advent (Septuagint, Vulgate, Knox translation)

Introductions and commentaries

de Lapide
Catena Aurea

Divine Lamp

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