End of the Matins posts...

 Just to let you know that with the end of the liturgical year I plan to discontinue these posts as he Matins readings and other propers are now available on Divinum Officium (select the monastic option).

I have done a fair amount of work towards more comprehensible translations of the texts, but unfortunately don't have the time or capacity at the moment to finalise these; perhaps I will be able to return to them at a later date, but I am hopeful that others will provide a hardcopy version of the texts in the near future in any case.

If there is any interest in the notes on the sources of the chants, please contact me and I will see what I can do.


Robert Mullenax said...

Thanks so much for your hard work, Kate! So much appreciated!

Fr. O said...

Merry Christmas Kate, I'm not sure if my last post was posted, but I am very grateful for your work. There are various gaps in the translations offered on Divinium Officium. Your blog site has been a useful resource in offering the Opus Dei. Thank you and God bless.

Kate Edwards said...

Dear Fr O, No sorry your previous comment hasn't shown up in my inbox, not sure why it would have gone astray!

Glad the posts have been of use - I will try and post those things that fill in the gaps on an ad hoc basis until I've had a chance to provide out of copyright or my own translations to DO!

The problem is that for in copyright texts, putting up a small extract for a short period of time is probably reasonable use on the google book principle, as I do here, leaving them up permanently and where they potentially add up to a fair number of pages over different feasts probably isn't.

I do hope to help progressively fill in the gaps on DO, but haven't been able to work much over the last couple of months for various reasons. Hopefully things will be better in the new year though, so I will try and work forward proactively!

I would have kept posting things in the interim, but blogger has made things a lot harder to find the material I have saved as draft posts from previous years by removing their indexing functions for unpublished material, and removing separate paging of older posts by date, while at the same time making it much harder to just paste in from word documents, by adding lots of extra spaces between lines...

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